Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crab Species

Dungeness Crab Species

Dungeness crab is a species of crab also known as Metacarcinus magister formerly Cancer magisterIn appearance the Dungeness crab looks bluish-purple, but once cooked the heat creates a chemical reaction that gives these crabs a reddish color. A Dungeness crab can live up to 10-13 years when in the wild and typically will range anywhere from 5.75" to 10" inches across in size. Male crabs often outsize their female counterparts. These crabs scavenge the bottom of the ocean floor and look for small organisms, mussels, small crabs, worms and much more to eat. These crabs are celebrated and consumed primarily on the West Coast and Asia. They can be harvested fresh year round from various regions ranging from California up to Alaska.

Where Does Dungeness Crab Come From?

Dungeness crab is found off the coast of Alaska, Washington, California, and Oregon where they are harvested. These crabs have also been as far south as Mexico however it is less common. They get their name "Dungeness" from the port of Dungeness in Washington where the crab was first discovered. These crabs are exclusive to the Pacific Ocean however very rare instances of a Dungeness crab appearing in the Atlantic Ocean have been recorded. 

Commercial Dungeness Crab FAQ

1. Legal Catch size varies depending on State rules

Washington - 5.75 inches across the carapace

Oregon - 5.75 inches across the carapace

Alaska - 6.5 inches across the carapace

California - 5.75 inches across the carapace

Dungeness Crab Nutrition Facts

Dungeness Crab is a delicious nutrient dense low calorie protein choice that all seafood lovers enjoy. Check out the nutrition facts below sourced from the USDA!

Dungeness Crab FAQ's

Want to learn all about the Dungeness Crab? Read our Dungeness Crab FAQ blog here to learn where the crab gets its name, how the crab looks and behave, how they reproduce, how sustainable they are. 

Dungeness Crab Recipes

Dungeness Crab Prep Cooked

Looking for the perfect recipe for your live Dungeness crab? Our recipe page has many delicious appetizers and meals that friends and family will love. Here are some of our favorite Dungeness crab recipes linked below. 

Dungeness Crab Sustainability

Closely monitored and regulated Dungeness crab continues to be a sustainably harvested crab in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife ensures that Dungeness Crab and many other species have a consistent and maintained population. The organizations job is to make sure that overfishing does not take place and harm the ecosystem for humans and animals alike. With growing concern around seafood and sustainability with consumers you can be assured Dungeness Crab is one of the more sustainably harvested choices to enjoy. 

Dungeness Crab Season

Dungeness Crab season usually runs year round with the largest volumes between October through February. Harvesting thrives during the winter months but live Dungeness crab is available all year round at Fathom Seafood.  

Dungeness Crab Taste

Sweet, clean, and delicate are 3 great adjectives to describe the taste of this delicious crab. Many consumers enjoy the crab boiled and dipped in a butter sauce yet the versatility of this crab is massive. You can incorporate crab into a sandwich, a soup, a sushi roll, or a salad. Dungeness crabs can be enjoyed any time of day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The body meat is very tender yet the legs are slightly firmer due to the activity of the crabs legs. Dungeness crabs are fairly meat dense and are great for sharing. 


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