About Us

About Us

Fathom Seafood is one of the world's premier live crab companies, shipping worldwide to nearly every continent while offering year-round availability. We offer individuals, restaurants, grocery stores, markets, and wholesalers the chance to buy fresh, live Dungeness crab straight out of the Northwest Pacific. Instead of farm-to-table, we do ocean-to-table; and every single step along the way, Fathom ensures the high quality, care, and freshness of our seafood. 

With over 1.5 million pounds of Dungeness crab that has moved through our warehouse, we know a thing or two about crab, and we are hoping to change the way you view seafood! 

Fathom Seafood makes it convenient and cost-effective to order live Dungeness crab right through their website, and customers will receive their package within 24 hours. 


How do we ensure the sustainability of our Dungeness crab?

To keep Dungeness crabs sustainable, the government all the way at the top and all the way down to those who handle the crabs while shipping rely on specific rules and regulations to keep the species and the environment safe. We want to be able to continue living in harmony with the natural world and protect it from damage and destruction. 

Some ways that Fathom Seafood ensures the sustainability of their Dungeness crabs are to use vessels and methods of fishing that cause the least about of disturbance to ocean species and plants; they follow Washington State fishing regulations and ensure that the Dungeness crab does not become overfished; and they minimize the bycatch and interactions of other species. 

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife are constantly monitoring the Dungeness crab to ensure that the population continues to flourish.

Fathom’s Mission

Our mission is to provide access and education on one of the most forgotten treasures in the United States as Live Seafood. We go to incredible lengths to build relationships directly with fishermen and docks up and down the West Coast to provide the absolute highest quality Live Seafood possible. 

How Fathom is Different Than Other Seafood Suppliers

We take great pride in how we run our business. Anything and anyone, such as the fishermen and women who catch for us, the docks we use, our essential drivers and warehouse staff, as well as our logistic partners are equally important to Fathom’s mission. At Fathom we work as a team and acknowledge and appreciate that every person, including our customers and those in our community are an important part of the family. 

Along with the commitment we have to our Fathom family, we also take pride in the technology we use to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. Our state-of-the-art tanking facility and our modern and sophisticated take on the industry’s status quo, and along with our proprietary, science based methodology – we are changing the game, one box at a time! 

Fast Facts 2020-2023 (current)

Millions of pounds shipped live yearly  Shipping to over 20 destinations worldwide Coast to Coast within 24 hours
Supporting over 50 fishermen and vessels Over 50 million dollars in annual sales Killing the game