A featured blog post about Fathom Seafood by Megan Waldrep about advances in the Dungeness Crab Fishery, Fishermen, Boats, the Industry, and the Future of the Seafood Industry. 


".....From what I understand, the major seafood companies in Bristol Bay, Alaska, are “bad” because it’s speculated that they conspire to set the price of fish. This means after a long hard season, the companies reveal the same base price at roughly the same time, and the fishermen get paid the lowest amount possible for their catch.

As a partner of a commercial fisherman, my blood burns at the thought. The heavy-hitters seem more concerned with the bottom line than the women and men at sea. There seems to be no remorse for the fishermen who risk their lives to catch high-quality seafood to feed America; who leave their families for months at a time for the chance to make a livable wage.

Which is why I was surprised to learn about Fathom Seafood. After scrolling through their Instagram and website, I learned they actually care for the fishermen, offering them competitive and, in many cases, higher pricing at the dock. (Heck yeah!)......"


Read the rest of the article here: https://meganwaldrep.com/fathom-seafood/ 


Written by Megan Waldrep

Fathom Seafood is a provider of Live Dungeness Crab. Sourced from the Pacific Northwest, you can expect to have access to top tier crab all year round. Reach out today for wholesale seafood or purchase one of our delicious crabs shipped straight to your home.  

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