Shipping & FAQs


Notice: At this time we are unable to ship to Hawaii due to flight restrictions. 


Q: How do you ship?
A: We ship via UPS, using next day early or next day air


 Q: Can you deliver to a PO box? 
A: We cannot deliver to a PO box or similar type facility


 Q: What happens if my shipment is delayed?
A: We cannot take responsibility for any delays in shipment from UPS. Please note before ordering. 


Q: How quick will I receive my Live Seafood?
A: Barring any delays in the shipping process, you will receive them the day after we ship them.

Depending on when you order, your shipment will arrive between Tuesday thru Friday barring any delays from UPS next day air service. 


Q: When should my order be placed?
A: Orders must be submitted by 3pm Pacific Standard Time the business day before shipping. We ship out Monday through Thursday. Use the calendar function to schedule your delivery date. 

NOTE: If you select a date but do not check out in time, it may still allow you to check out for a date that is after the cutoff. If that happens, we will notify you and arrange for the next best available shipping date. 

So if you place your order at noon on a Tuesday, it will ship Wednesday and should get to you on Thursday.

If you place your order at 10 PM on a Tuesday, it will ship Thursday and should get to you on Friday.

Any orders placed after 3pm Friday will ship Tuesday


Q: What is the difference between the various shipping types? 
A: Shipping types are as shown below...

Next Day Air Early arrives by 8:00-9:30 AM depending on destination

Next Day Air arrives by 10:30-Noon depending on destination

It is wholly dependent on UPS shipping


Q: How is Dungeness Crab graded? What size are they? 

A: Dungeness Crab is graded by the length across the back of the crab. The legal size is 6.25" from point to point. This is the legal catch size for Dungeness Crab. Weight is between 1.3 - 2.0 lbs and will vary by catch area and season. Our fishermen grade crab to those standards. 


Q: How is Geoduck graded? What size are they? 

A: Geoduck will be between 0.7 - 1.3 pounds. Coloration on the skin may vary depending on catch area and harvest. This is normal and natural and does not impede the delicious taste in any way. 


Q: Do you ship year-round?

A: Yes. Our vast network of docks, harvesters, and Fishermen up and down the West Coast and Puget sound allow us to provide and ship Live Dungeness Crab and Geoduck all year!


Q: Do you on holidays?

A: It depends on UPS next day air service. Check the calendar when you check out to see what day arrivals are available. 


Q: What happens if the shipment is late? Is it still safe to eat? 
A: We are unable to guarantee the product will not be delayed due to UPS shipping. We do choose the best option they have available to help with timely shipments. The crabs and geoduck will be safe to eat as they will be kept cold with gel-ice packs. 


Q: Do you ship to just USA or internationally?

A: We can ship them anywhere in the lower 48. (No Hawaii or Alaska). We also wholesale ship worldwide. Please check out our wholesale section to get in touch with our team!


Q: Do you ship wholesale?
A: We wholesale both domestically and internationally! Please check our Wholesale section to get in contact with our team for pricing and availability. 


Q: Where does the the Dungeness Crab and Geoduck come from?

A: Dungeness crab is caught from the coasts of Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, the Puget Sound and Canada.

Geoduck is harvested in the beautiful Puget sound of Washington State. 


Q: Why is it called Dungeness Crab? 

A: The name Dungeness Crab comes from Dungeness, Washington.


Q: Do you have any local shops?

A: We have several roaming mobile seafood trailers that sell live crabs in the Western Washington region. Follow our Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on where they are!


Q: How do you keep the Crabs and Geoduck alive during shipping?

A: Our Dungeness Crabs are handled meticulously with the final destination in mind. Our fishermen, partners at the docks, truck drivers, warehouse workers, and logistic partners all work together to bring the absolute best product possible to your door. From scientific monitoring and filtration controls at our State-of-the-Art facility to temperature controls throughout the shipping process, your crab will be shipped in the most optimal conditions.

Geoduck is packed and shipped as soon as we have your order and the geoduck is harvested for the freshest taste. 


Q: What do I do with my Live Dungeness Crab/Geoduck?
A: Cook and eat it! If you are cooking at a later time, use the provided container and keep in the fridge until you are ready to cook and enjoy. We recommend cooking within 24 hours of delivery.



Q: Do you guarantee that the crabs and/or geoduck will be alive upon arrival?
A: We cannot guarantee the crabs or geoduck will be alive when received. The crabs and geoduck will be fresh and alive as they are packed into your box. The shipping box is temperature controlled during the shipping process so it will be safe to eat within 24 hours of delivery. 


Q: How do you keep the crabs and geoduck alive?

A: We bring our shellfish to our state-of-the-art tanking and holding facility where we use proprietary filtration technology to keep the animals at optimal health.


Q: Do you have your own fishermen?

A: We partner with boats, fishing docks, and fishermen all along the West Coast and Puget Sound. We’ve built long lasting relationships with our fleet using our “Fisherman First” mantra that allows us to bring the best Dungeness Crab to market. 

Our fleet of geoduck harvesters are the best in the world and have worked with Fathom Seafood for over 25 years. 


Q: When you say, “Live Seafood”, do you mean it is actually alive?
A: Yes! For Crab we rubber band the arms so that the crabs are easier to handle but without them they would indeed be pinching!  The geoduck we rubber band the shell so they stay nice and compact. We go to great lengths to ensure the seafood you buy from us are safe for you and your family to handle and eat at home. 


Q: How do you cook Live Dungeness Crab?
A: There are many delicious ways to enjoy your crab. From a simple boil and chill to master chef level undertakings. The sky's the limit. Check out our blog for recipe ideas!


Q: How soon after receiving my crab do I need to cook it?
A: We recommend you cook and enjoy your crab within 12-24 hours of arrival. Like any fresh ingredients, the sooner the better. Look at our recipes blog posts for some fresh ideas!


Q: If I order 2 boxes of 2 crab/geoduck. How is that packaged? 
A: You will receive 2 boxes of 2 crab/geoduck. This is due to how packaging is done for each shipment. Shipments of multiple boxes will be sent in separate packages to keep with shipping guidelines with UPS. Multiple shipments cannot be combined into a single box for shipment. 


Q: How much does your crab cost?
A: Our crabs are based off the market price and are subject to changes. We try to keep the prices stable for consistency throughout the year


Q: What is your return policy? 
A: We cannot accept returns on any live seafood we ship. 


Q: Do you do any refunds? 
A: We cannot provide any refunds for any live seafood we ship. If you should have any questions or concerns with your shipment please contact us.