Featured Guest Author - Chris King - Dungeness Crab Delivered Live

Guest Author: Chris King


In  quarantine we've had to get creative with both food and the company of people. For starters, food producers and grocery stores have had to pivot their businesses to a world where a store full of customers isn't an option anymore. With people we've also had to become extra cautious. Even if our family isn't in a high risk group, many of us have grand-parents and other elderly around us that are.


Even in the midst of a pandemic, as creative solutions for food delivery have been on the rise out of necessity, we've still been able to get great food delivered to our door. We've been so fortunate to be able to enjoy some of this incredible food with our family and friends this year despite the pandemic.


Just last weekend we ordered live Dungeness crab delivered directly to our door from Fathom! For four adults we used 3 whole crabs. We cooked the crabs in a large pot of salted water on the stove for about 15 minutes.  (Pro tip: use a sturdy food thermometer to measure correct internal temp of crab in its thickest place. Use cool water to stop it from over cooking once temp is reached.) We cut some freshly baked sourdough bread, made some clarified butter, and curry mayo. Optionally add some lighter white wine and simply enjoy fresh crab in its glory with some amazing condiments. As you can see we weren't disappointed!


Curry mayo, I hear you ask? Yes! If you haven't tried it with crab you should!

 -Written by Chris King - 12/26/2021


The KING'S Extraordinary Curry Mayo Recipe: 

  • 1tb Yellow Curry Powder 
  • 1 Cup Mayo


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travelsthroughimages.com (Check out his work. Truly something one of a kind. Almost as good as a cook as his photography, says his closest friends)

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