Featured Fishing Vessell: Taryn Rose

This is the Fishing Vessel, Taryn Rose. They fish up and down the Oregon coast bringing in the best and freshest Dungeness Crab. A boat like this can bring 30,000 pounds of crab at a time and that is such a sight to behold! The Captain Stuart Schuttpelv has been a crabber all his life and you can say he's got the sea flowing through his veins. Nothing stops his tough crew of 4 when it comes to getting the daily catch of Dungeness Crab at all hours of day or night. It is Fathom Seafood's cooperation with crews like the Taryn Rose, which make it possible for Dungeness Crab to be shipped straight to your door.


A fun fact: The boat just went through a complete overhaul bringing it up to date with the latest technologies. It was known as the Lily M before its makeover. It can be said that it is one of the most advanced boats in the entire fleet and the quality of the product that is caught is testament of such.

He comes from a long line of fishermen. Stuart's brother operates another fishing vessel but that is for another featured blog.

A fisherman's life isn't easy. But when the sea calls to you and deep within you know its the right thing to do, its impossible to do anything else. There is nothing like the life of a fishermen. The open sea, the salty mist in the morning to the waves that can give any ride at Disneyland a run for their money. Most of all, its the joy that is on everyone's face when they get to taste Live Dungeness Crab fresh from the boat and into their hands through the help of Fathom Seafood.

Before Fathom Seafood, the only way you could get Dungeness Crab would be if you lived at the coast near one of these fishing villages, or they would come pre-cooked and frozen. While the convenience can't be beat, the quality and freshness at times can be trying for home and professional cooks looking to bring the taste of the sea to their kitchens.

If you are interested in getting crab that may have been caught by the hands of the crew on the Taryn Rose, order your Live Dungeness crab today at Fathom Seafood!

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