Award Winning Nature Photographer Chris Williams & Dungeness Crab

When it comes to nature and capturing breath taking and awe-inspiring pictures, Chris Williams is at the top of his game. For nearly a decade, he has won multiple landscape and nature photography awards, garnished accolades worldwide and has a near cult following with his vivid metal prints with a ready to hang float mount. These "show-stopping conversation pieces add an artistic edge and contemporary elegance to your collection while offering a unique high gloss finish. Recent advancements in technology allow my printer to print with enhanced sharpness and gorgeous true to life vivid colors! These vivid metal prints offer a 3D pop that puts the viewer right there in the scene."

"The Kraken" - All rights to Chris Williams Exploration Photography. Original link

His work and experience has been seen on DPREVIEW - the go-to resource for all things Digital Photography related from equipment to pro-tips. 

Lately, he and his wife have been cutting back on their red meat (land based protein) consumption and have been adding in more seafood. When it came to getting Live Dungeness Crab for Christmas he looked no further than Fathom Seafood for their quality and home delivery service for live Dungeness Crab. 

Chris says that "If you’re in the market for fresh seafood Fathom Seafood has you covered! These guys arrived quickly and very much alive (Frankenstein voice). They have a ton of great seafood options to choose from. Seriously the sky is basically the limit!"

Follow his Facebook, Etsy, webpage, and Instagram to stay up to date on his nature photography and give him a follow. 


To get the best live Dungeness Crab delivered to your door for any occasion, order from Fathom Seafood and make your next meal amazing. 

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