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Pacific Northwest Live Geoduck

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    Live Geoduck from the Pacific Northwest. Each geoduck weighs approximately  0.7 - 1.3 lbs. each. For shipping information please go to Shipping & FAQ for our official policies and rules.

    What is Geoduck Clam and where does it come from?

    Here at Fathom Seafood, we harvest sustainable Geoduck from the beautiful pristine waters of Washington State in the Puget Sound. 

    It's' Pronounced "Gooey-duck"

    Geoduck clam is the world's largest burrowing clam native to the Pacific Northwest. It can grow to over 100 years old! 

    its neck/siphon can extend over 3 feet in length.

    The name derives from the Lushootseed word for "Dig Deep"

    How is it sold and packaged? 

    Our geoduck clam is sold by the piece. You can order a 1 piece, 2 pieces, or 3 piece box. It will be wrapped in bubble wrap, and on top of a layer of foam to help protect it in transit. The entire package will be shipped with gel ice inside a seafood-safe styrofoam box. Airplane rides are bumpy! We cannot guarantee that the geoduck may not arrive with some cracks in its shell but it will be safe to consume! The neck/siphon may extend and relax during shipping which is completely normal. 

    Geoduck Shipping Info

    Our Geoduck clam will get to you one day after we ship them out (barring any shipping delays). We ship orders out Monday through Thursday which means you can expect to receive your box of live geoduck between Tuesday through Friday. Once you receive your box of geoduck we recommend you prepare and consume within 12-24 hours for the freshest experience. Place in the original box and keep it in the fridge otherwise. 

    At this time we are unable to ship to Hawaii due to flight restrictions. 

    By ordering, you agree to the policies in our shipping&faq section

    How Do I Eat a Geoduck? 

    You can check out how Master Sushi Chef Kotaro Kumita prepares geoduck in the purest form for sushi here. All media rights to Eater. 

    Other preparations include sashimi,  stir-fry, soups, congee, ceviche, salads, canned, poached,....the sky is the limit!

    Check out our recipes page for ideas!

    We cannot take responsibility for any shipment delays. Please note before ordering.