Seattle Foodie Podcast - Episode 115 (With Fathom Seafood's Live Crab!)

Seattle Foodie Podcast is Seattle' premier foodie podcast with hosts Nelson @nelson_eats and Monica @monybseattle who highlight the Seattle food scene, influencers behind the food, and businesses that feed our hunger.

On Nov 19th they received each a box of Live Dungeness Crab and shared with their listeners and viewers their preparations, experience, and dishes they created. Check it out on Episode 115! Listen to their podcast on AnchorApple Podcast, and Stitcher. Or look for Seattle Foodie Podcast on whatever podcast app on whatever device you listen with. Check out their InstagramTwitter, and Facebook for more great posts about the food scene, pictures, and interviews with Seattle restaurateurs. 

Are you thinking about purchasing and cooking live Dungeness crab? Check out the selection from Fathom Seafood! You’ll be able to order and receive your product typically within 24 hours


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