Ryan Hodgson (Ryanintheus) tries Live Dungeness Crab

We had the pleasure of shipping some live Dungeness crab to the one and only Ryan Hodgson. A truly one of a kind Australian influencer, entrepreneur, and admirer of the world, that moved to the USA and made it his home. He's a "storyteller with a passion for capturing and protecting the beauty of our planet.  A lover of travel, nature, adventure and photography, he regularly partners with global brands as a travel influencer, creating engaging and thought provoking content for his quarter of a million plus followers."

Did you know that "in 2017 Ryan was named the 20th most retweeted marketer in the world and has won international and nation awards for Integrated Marketing, Content Marketing, Advertising and Social Media." Follow him on his LinkedinTwitterInstagramFacebookYoutube, and check out his site Website to see the world through his eyes. 

Check out this beautiful story on Instagram of his experience unboxing, cooking, and the final plating of our Dungeness Crab. Yum!

Ryan says "Eating fresh Dungeness crab is one of life pleasures so I jumped at the chance to receive live crab shipped to my door by Fathom Seafood. True to form they were delicious. You have to try this!"

Dungeness Crab is one of the uniquely sustainable and economically sound fisheries in the world. It helps support literally dozens of towns and ports providing livelihoods for all those involved and providing a product that is unique to the Pacific Northwest. 


If you are looking for Live Dungeness Crab shipped to your home, look no further! Order from our store for your next dinner, a party, the holidays, or just the best crab cocktail ever (it can't get any fresher than this!)

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