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Do you own a restaurant or business or are you hosting an event where you need to order large quantities of seafood and don’t want to break the bank? In these cases, ordering your products via wholesale is the most cost-effective and convenient way to go. There are specific reasons why you might want to go this route along with several benefits to ordering wholesale as a customer.

What exactly is Seafood wholesaling? 

Not everyone benefits from wholesaling; it is typically something done by companies and restaurants in order to purchase large quantities of an item at a lower cost. Individuals and families would not necessarily order through a wholesale company.

Investopedia clearly defines what wholesaling is:

  • Wholesaling is the business of distributing goods in bulk to other businesses that repackage them in smaller quantities for sale directly to consumers.
  • Wholesaling is one step in the supply chain that starts with a supplier of raw materials and ends with a sale to an end user.
  • Wholesalers are not usually manufacturers. Their business is distributing the end products.

The experts at Seafood Health Facts go a little more in detail about wholesaling and distributing seafood in the United States:

There is a large network of wholesale and distribution businesses in the U.S. that purchase seafood products from a variety of different sources, store them, assemble the items into orders for customers, and deliver them. There are many variations to this basic business model. 

Some businesses specialize in specific types of products or products from a specific geographic area. Other businesses called “broadline” distributors buy and sell a full line of all types of products to meet their customers’ needs. Other businesses may focus on the unique needs of specific customers such as retail stores, restaurants, or institutional buyers with the military, prisons, schools or hospitals. This much needed commercial business network is responsible for sourcing, purchasing, transporting, storing and delivering the seafood products available in our Nation’s diverse markets.

If you are in the seafood business, why would you want to order wholesale? 

Seafood restaurants want to ensure that they are being shipped fresh quality meat and live seafood; however, they don’t want to break the bank, especially if seafood prices are rising, which sometimes happens. The last thing restaurants want to do is purchase lower-quality foods in order to save money when times are tough. 

Local restaurant wholesale supply companies allow businesses to obtain what they need to create high-quality meals and sell fresh live seafood that will keep their customers coming back in the future. 

Smart Food Service lists three of the top benefits to restaurants and grocery stores ordering wholesale:

  • Variety:

“One of the top advantages to buying meat and seafood from your foodservice distributor is variety. Their expansive meat and seafood sections are chock full of premium cuts of beef, game meats, unique poultry options, and a wealth of fresh seafood.”

By ordering your seafood wholesale, for example through Fathom Seafood, who is a world leader in wholesale distribution, you are able to choose from a wide variety of seafood products that come from the freshest and most sustainable areas in the Northwest. 

  • Quality and Freshness:

This is an obvious benefit; you do not have to sacrifice quality and freshness by ordering wholesale seafood, especially through Fathom Seafood, where you can get the freshest live Dungeness crab for your business. 

“Wholesale restaurant supply stores only purchase restaurant quality meat and seafood, and pride themselves on providing their customers fresh products. They go through the painstaking task of searching out and purchasing from the highest-quality vendors so you don’t have to.”

  • Convenience:

Of course we all wish we had unlimited time to get things done. If you own a restaurant or grocery store, then you know firsthand how valuable time is. Why run around to farmer’s markets and butcher shops when you can order your seafood wholesale with the convenience of an easy click of a mouse? 

“Purchasing online also allows you to cut out the middleman, like foodservice reps, which can free up time that you can devote to your restaurant. Additionally, if you get an unexpected rush and need a product on the quick, you can easily access your account and reorder. Online ordering can save you time, energy, and money.”

Aren’t you looking for variety, quality and freshness, and convenience?

Whether you are in or away from the Washington state area and are in need of a wholesale seafood company to use, Fathom Seafood is your best bet for sustainable wholesale seafood, like the live Dungeness crab, which is a fan favorite. By ordering crab from Fathom, you are supporting local fishermen and women and their families. 

Learn more about Fathom’s wholesale program

Live Dungeness Crabs

Fathom Seafood Wholesale Program

Fathom Seafood is a world leader in wholesale distribution. We supply more than 20 wholesale customers worldwide and are growing fast. Are you a restaurant group, wholesaler, distributor, importer or grocery store looking to set up a wholesale account? Get in touch!

To learn more about wholesale opportunities, please contact our wholesale seafood specialists by filling out our contact form.

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