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"Originally a pilot from Malaysia, Harry arrived in the States in the 1980s and was introduced to barbecue while attending Texas Tech. His IT colleagues convinced him to do a barbecue competition, which he ended up winning, and since then Harry has never looked back." - Food Network Bio for Harry Soo.

Harry Soo is an award winning BBQ grand champion pitmaster and cooking instructor that specializes in mouthwatering recipes for the home cook. He has over 27 Grand Championships, over 80 first place finishes around the world from US, Canada, and England. He has been seen on Chopped Grill masters on the Food network as well as BBQ Pitmasters on TLC (WINNER!). His youtube channel has over 100k enthusiastic subscribers that follow his videos, are inspired by his innovation and his ability to master American BBQ as well as blend in a variety of flavors and techniques from all cooking genres. 

His line of Slapyoudaddy bbq rubs and sauces is head over heels better than any store bought rubs and sauces. Harry’s rubs were recommended in Playboy.com in The 10 Best Spice Rubs You Can Buy article in 2015. Also, check out Harry’s Amazon suggestions


Harry jumped at the opportunity to help Fathom Seafood develop a recipe for Fire Roasted Dungeness Chili Crab from Fathom Seafood using their Live Dungeness Crab. It was the perfect meal to kick off New Years Eve and it brings him back to his childhood. Harry says that "Super delicious....crab is super fresh because it was alive!"

Make sure you use the trick to preparing your Dungeness Crab by putting the Crabs in the freezer for 20 minutes to make them extra sleepy!

Follow the recipe in the video to learn how he makes his mouth watering Fire Roasted Chili Crab!


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