Guy Fieri Serves Dungeness Crab every Christmas and so should you

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Guy Fieri is no stranger to putting on a show and doing things his own way. With Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives he really showcases the local food scene and what each area does well. Even though he's from Columbus, Ohio, Fieri sticks to both traditional and new for the holidays. While serving the usual fare for Christmas, Guy Fieri always serves one dish to his family and friends each Christmas. Delicious Dungeness Crab. 

“Christmas, here in NorCal, we’ve always got to have our Dungeness crab, which is in season,” Fieri says. 

Fieri didn’t share how he prepares his Dungeness crab at Christmastime. But its almost a sure bet that he whips up his famous NorCal Cioppino that uses Dungeness Crab (Live is the best!) for the holidays.

Nor Cal Cioppino by Guy Fieri from the foodnetwork



  1. In a large stock pot over medium heat, add oil and saute onions, fennel, pepper and garlic until lightly browned. Add tomato paste and continue to cook until it browns. Add wine, tomato sauce, clam and lemon juices, water, bay leaves, red chili flakes, oregano, basil, salt, pepper and liqueur to the sautéed vegetables and simmer for 1 hour. Add crab to the sauce and let simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Add clams and let simmer for 5 minutes, then add in cod and cook 4 to 5 minutes. DO NOT STIR. To finish add, shrimp.
  2. Let cook 3 to 4 minutes until shrimp turn pink. Stir in parsley and serve immediately with fresh bread.


The BoldItalic also crowns Dungeness Crab as the best crustacean not only for the holidays but also for all time. According to Camille Cusumano, author of the article "Sorry East Coast, the Pacific’s Dungeness Is the Best Crab" is a meatier, tastier crab that needs no seasoning and is the best bang for your buck. Where blue crab from Maryland and down south is "stringy and dry". 


For this holiday, lets give Dungeness Crab a try! Whether boiled, steamed, stir-fried, smoked or baked. Live Dungeness Crab is a, affordable treat worthy of the plate every day or on special occasions. 


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