Fathom Seafood Spotlight: More Chef Zimmern with Geoduck

Famous chef, Andrew Zimmern, is back in action with Fathom Seafood’s geoduck!

Zimmern is well known for being an entertaining TV personality and chef—many people recognize him for his unique show Bizzare Foods. He also hosts an MSNBC series while exploring important issues through the lens of food called What’s Eating America. On top of that, he owns multiple restaurants, has his own set of cookbooks available, and is a philanthropist concerned about the environment and local communities. 

He’s a jack of all trades! 

In our last article with Andrew Zimmern, How to Clean a Geoduck 101, the chef goes over step by step how to properly clean and prepare a geoduck for a recipe. After ordering Fathom Seafood’s live geoduck clams, Zimmern makes cleaning this interesting species look super easy and efficient. 

Now his geoduck is ready to be turned into a mouth-watering dish. 

At this point, the geoduck has been cleaned and the reproductive organs, shell, and clam juice have been separated into a bowl. 

To split the geoduck, use a very sharp knife and go right down the middle, making sure not to cut all the way through it. 

By doing so, you are able to see any sand or waste that the geoduck has filtered along with water and can rinse it off even more. 

No one wants a dirty geoduck!

Are you interested in eating your geoduck raw?

Chef Zimmern explains exactly how to serve it raw, as the Japanese like to call it, mirugai. 

Very thinly (Zimmern says paper-thin) slice the geoduck at an angle, which will cut out small sushi-like portions for you and your guests. Lay these pieces on ice until served. 

Did you know that non-frozen, fresh and thin pieces of raw fish will contract when “slapped” onto a surface? Zimmern shows us what he means by this in the video and the purpose of chef’s doing this. 

Lastly, Zimmern cuts the other part of the geoduck clam, which was between the shells. It has a thicker, creamier texture; he says this is the most delicious part of the geoduck.

Garnish sliced geoduck plate with lemon and serve with ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. 

However, Zimmern prefers absolutely nothing on his geoduck. The taste is just that amazing. 

How does raw geoduck taste? 

“It is the sweetest clam ever,” he claims with a smile. 

Zimmern states that the geoduck is the mildest, sweetest clam out there. There are notes of melon and the ocean—just take a bite and close your eyes to be swept away. 

It is actually soft, not chewy, like some people may speculate. The geoduck melts in your mouth. 

His reaction after consuming a bite will make you want to try some as well.

Oh, wait...you can!

Go to Fathom Seafood and buy geoduck today, and get your box sent straight to your door within 24 hours. 

Also, be on the lookout soon for tasty geoduck recipes on Fathom’s blog. 

Watch the full video of Zimmern and Fathom’s geoduck here! 


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